Fairway & Fortnum Charity Work

The Fortnum Foundation was delighted this week to present cheques to three hard working Queensland charities, all focused on helping children in our communities and Fairway Financial Advice are proud of our association with the Fortnum Foundation.  Representatives from the charities Zephyr Education, McIntyre Centre (Riding for Disabled) and Aunties and Uncles Queensland, came together with Fortnum Group Advisers and the Fortnum Foundation, to hear about how the funds will help children in need.  Funds will be used to:

  • provide immediate school needs such as clothing, books, stationery and shoes to children whose families have entered domestic violence shelters; often arriving at a shelter with only the clothes on their back, and in particular no belongings to attend school. Zepher Education can speedily provide these resources, helping in a very stressful situation.
  • support a specially trained horse (Beau at the McIntyre Centre) who helps provide life changing therapy to young people with a disability. For example, George (10 years), whose parents were told he was unlikely to walk, is today, an enthusiastic horse rider. Years of therapeutic riding have developed his core strength and posture and he now walks into the Centre to ride his favourite horse.
  • contribute to funding a social worker to link mentor Aunts and Uncles with vulnerable and socially isolated children aged 1- 11 years.  Children are linked with a mentor (Aunt/Uncle) who offer each child time, attention, care, stability, guidance and exposure to new experiences to empower them to reach their potential and establish their future.

Visit the charity’s websites (Zephyr Education, McIntyre Centre (Riding for Disabled) and Aunties and Uncles Queensland) to learn more about their great work in our community.

Fairway Financial Advice: What is a Managed Fund?

So, your friends have all given their opinions on the best way to invest money – some have share portfolios, others love managed funds, some are in property and no doubt some just have it “under the mattress”.

But do you really understand each of these investment options and how they could benefit you?
We have a series of animations, explanations and jargon busters on our Knowledge Centre. Financial Knowledge is powerful – it helps you take control of your Financial Future .

Here’s a good place to start – a short clip to explain investments through Managed Funds.

Fairway Financial Advice: Your Retirement Income

Retirement income

Your Retirement Income 

Do you have time on your side or is your retirement approaching faster than you thought?

Managing your income during retirement is much easier when you have the right strategies in place – and the earlier the better. It is important to make sure you have a variety of income sources, in varying quantities and different degree’s of liquidity to feed in the top of your retirement savings funnel.  The earlier you put your retirement saving strategies in place the more time you have to let your investments grow.  This seems logical but it is vital if you want to maximise your opportunity for growth and accumulation without compromising your comfort level  –  leaving it to the last minute might require you to take on an increased exposure to risk, like market volatility, to try and reap the higher rewards in a short time-frame.

You don’t want the Retirement Income to be only a trickle, leaving you short of cash after all your years of hard work – you want and should be able to enjoy your retirement years.  We know that every client is different – their retirement plans, their comfort with risk, their starting point of savings and what they really need to ensure their life is both long and happy.  That’s why we offer bespoke financial planning services.  No two clients are exactly the same, so of course no two financial plans we be exactly the same either.

Talk to us today to find out more about your retirement savings plans and what you need for a happy life – we’ll create specific strategies for your unique situation.

2017 Pension Changes How They May Affect You



The commencement of 2017 brought some significant changes to means testing for Social Security pensions (including the Age Pension). This article from our end of year newsletter compares the old pension levels with the new ones.  If you have any concerns on how this will impact you call us immediately for an appointment  READ MORE

Merry Christmas from Fairway



Merry Christmas!

Another year is ending and a new year soon to begin! Christmas is a great time to catch up with family & friends, and slow down, even if it’s only for a moment.  We find its a good opportunity to reflect on where we have been and where we are going. We hope you enjoy our annual newsletter Looking Back, Looking Forward, as we reflect on a year that has been, and prepare for 2017.  read more

Introducing Courtney Cooper to our Fairway Team at Albany Creek

courtney facebook image

Introducing Courtney Cooper to our team at Fairway!

Courtney brings a wealth of knowledge having worked within the financial planning industry already for a number of years.

Her main focus will be working alongside Neil and Chris in the Insurance Specialist Team.

Be sure to say hello if you speak to her on the phone or next time you are in the office.

May 2016 Budget Updates

Fortnum approved image 19Be sure to read the Fact Sheets explaining what the recent Budget announcements may mean to you.


The Concise Summary
A concise summary of the major budget implications including super changes, impacts for retirees and small to medium enterprise.

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How the Budget May Affect Retirees & Pre-Retirees

The Turnbull government’s first Budget included a number of super changes that may affect retirees and pre-retirees but no material changes to the Age Pension or Aged Care.

Super changes contained in the Budget include a $25,000 annual cap on concessional super contributions; a new lifetime cap of $500,000 on non-concessional contributions; and the removal of the 10 per cent test for personal tax deductible super contributions which will allow all individuals up to age 75, regardless of their employment situation, to make concessional super contributions.

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How The Budget May Affect Workers, Wealth Builders, Women And Families

While medium and high income earners stand to benefit from a modest tax cut for workers earning over $80,000, many of the super tax concessions for higher income earners will be scaled back. To prevent approximately 300,000 middle income earners from creeping into the second highest tax bracket due to wage inflation, the threshold over which income is taxed at 37c in the dollar will increase from $80,000 to $87,000 from 2016/17. There will be no personal tax relief for people earning under $80,000.  

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What The Budget Means For Small And Medium Businesses

Small businesses are big winners in this year’s Budget, under the government’s proposed “10-year enterprise tax plan” designed to boost growth, create jobs and drive Australia’s future economic prosperity.

Proposed changes will see the company tax rate fall to 25 per cent over the next ten years while the small business entity turnover threshold will increase from $2 million to $10 million from 1 July, 2016.

The current $2 million turnover threshold will be retained for access to the small business capital gains tax concessions.

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Budget Implications For High Net Worth Individuals And Families

This year’s Budget may have significance for wealthy Australians with many of the super tax concessions for high income earners scaled back.

While the government kept its promise to leave negative gearing and capital gains tax alone, it reduced access to generous super tax concessions for the most wealthy by introducing a super transfer balance cap of $1.6 million on amounts moving into the tax-free retirement phase, extending the 30 per cent tax on concessional super contributions to those with income of $250,000 (currently $300,000) and lowering the annual cap on concessional super contributions to $25,000.

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Review and Refresh

Setting aside time to regularly review your finances is one of the easiest ways to keep your plans on track and work towards achieving your financial goals. Why not ask Neil & Glenn to help review your finances and put things in place before...

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Super Salary Sacrifice – What Is It?

Super Salary sacrifice involves an agreement between an employee and an employer to forgo a portion of salary in exchange for payment as a super contribution. The attraction of this strategy is ‘swapping’ a higher marginal tax rate for the...

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