Why should I choose Fairway Financial Advice?

Integrity. Trust. Quality. Opportunity

We have the qualifications and industry experience you can trust.  Having started as a family business 21 years ago we have generations of knowledge and experience behind us providing a long standing track record of credibility and quality in everything we do.  But above all we have integrity; caring about doing the right thing for every client, finding the best opportunity for every situation.


How long is the first meeting?

Firstly, there is no cost for the initial Discovery Meeting.

Honestly, the duration of the first appointment is driven by your needs.  On average, we would suggest an hour for the initial discovery meeting but we can make this longer or shorter to fit with your needs.  Our aim at the first meeting is to get to know each other and understand how we can work together to answer questions you may have and create your future plan.


What type of financial plans do you provide?

We are a full service financial planning practice which means we can tailor services to your requirements across the spectrum of financial services.

You might have one need and we can help with just that.  You might have several needs and we can work together using a more holistic approach. You might choose to prioritise your needs and we can systematically address each one over a period of time.

We know that the right thing to do will be different for each client.  We focus on designing solutions that are tailored to your individual needs. We do not offer an off the shelf, one-size-fits-all plan, which means our services are specific to your requirements.


Where should I start?

The first step is to unlock the real need, that is part of our discovery process.

Often people ask “should I invest in shares or property?”.  To us, this question is about as relevant as walking into a travel agent and asking which airline to fly before talking about the destination.  Just like a great holiday, a great plan always starts with the end goal in mind. Once the goal is well defined we will map out the necessary steps to take you from where you are now to where you want to be in the future.  In terms of shares vs property, our answer can often be “both”, and we’ll show you why.


What will my Fairway Financial Plan aim to achieve?

At Fairway we strive to create a tailored plan that is suited to your unique goals and aspirations.  Through years of experience we know that each client has a different story.  Often clients will have similar overarching goals but the path they will take to get there can be very different.

Overtime we have seen some common threads:

  • To achieve financial freedom – This comes in different forms.  For some it’s creating a passive income so you can continue to work because you want to, for others it is the freedom to retire when you choose and spend your time how you desire.
  • To have security – protection if the unexpected strikes, establish a safety net so that your future is not derailed.
  • Peace of mind – it is comforting to know that someone else with the skills and experience is looking after your financial future.  Someone else looking out for the opportunities and warning of threats so that you can enjoy living your life with a little less stress.


What makes you different from other planners?

We are real people, not robots and we want to make a real difference for other people.  We make recommendations that are appropriate for you.

We are outcome focused rather than product focused. For us, success is not just coming up with a great plan, it’s seeing that your plans actually come to fruition.  In essence, your success is our success.  You will notice right from the first meeting we will take the time to really get to know you.  Our discovery process uses a different approach not just a standard one size fits all questionnaire to out!


Do I really need a Financial Planner? Can’t I do this myself? 

It’s true that the internet allows everyone to have immediate access to a lot of information, these days everything is at your fingertips just a google search away.  But knowing what to do with that information is a different matter.  We have the skills and intuition from years of experience, coupled with formal learning and qualifications, to know what to do with all the information.  As professionals, we have access to information, research and data that doesn’t appear on general internet searches.  Knowing how to interpret and use information to achieve the best outcome for your situation, your goals and your aspirations is one of our skills.


What if I want help with just one element of my finances?

At times you’ll have different financial priorities, which is natural, but, what we’ve found is that if we focus on only one, without knowing the full picture, an opportunity can be missed, or worse, cause an unintended negative impact in another area.  Good decisions are made in context!

Having said that, our emphasis is on providing the services that you want and need and not on trying to push a particular product or a one size fits all solution.  This means that if you only need income protection or simply to consolidate your superannuation, we can help with that single transaction and you only pay for that service.


Is it going to be expensive to obtain advice?

Our aim is to deliver you quality advice and service, at a fair price.  We are not a “cut-price” business, however, we understand that cash-flow is important.  The costs associated with your plan will depend on the complexity required to reach your financial future.  We will help you to explore the different payment options to ensure your plan is achievable for many years to come.


How does Fairway Financial Advice get paid?

That depends on what you choose.  Some clients like to pay for services up front – called a Fee for Service.   Others like to reduce the impact on their cash-flow and so opt for us to be paid via commission or other upfront and/or ongoing payments from the product providers.  We believe in transparency, so no matter how we are remunerated you are involved in the process and know what our services will cost, what value you get for your money and how we are getting paid.


How do you decide on investments?

We have a specific approach to investments, but we also believe in being flexible to meet your individual needs and goals.  We ensure our investment recommendations support and add value to your financial plan, which includes the need for transparency and liquidity of underlying investments, while ensuring recommendations are cost competitive.  Ask us for a copy of our Investment Philosophy Booklet  at your Discovery Meeting.

Phone: 07 3325 4775