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  1. Qualifications – all Fairway advisers are fully qualified. Our advisers are constantly adding to their knowledge with continual professional development every year.
  2. We understand business. We are business owners ourselves, not just in Fairway Financial Advice, but as a founding Principal Practice we have a financial stake within Fortnum Financial Advisers.  We work with many SME’s, from Vets to manufactures, to help tailor their specific insurance and planning needs.
  3. Experience – together our advisers, Neil and Glenn, have over 40 years’ experience within the financial services industry and more than 30 years as financial planners. This experience means they have seen what works and what doesn’t so you know the advice they provide is based on a solid foundation of knowledge and experience.
  4. Methodology – we have proven methods, processes and a track record of being focused on the success of our clients.
  5. Track and measure – Your annual review is important. Your plan is not something to set and forget about for 20 years.  We will check in with you each year to see if your goals and priorities are still the same or if they have changed.  There is a good chance you won’t go through a 2 year period where everything in your life stays the same, whether it is a change of employer or business, a new home or changes in your family structure.  All will impact your future – that’s why your review is important.
  6. Credibility, Integrity & Longevity – Having long standing relationships with our clients is important. Unlike others, we are not interested in winning your business for the first year on gimmicks only to lose you the next year.  We want to be with you every step to your planned future.  We have foundation clients that now, many years on, are generations of the same family –  that is longevity based on integrity and credibility.
  7. Passionate. We love what we do. We are passionate about our industry, we are passionate about doing the right thing for each and every client. We are passionate about quality service with integrity and having a relationship with clients based on trust. 
  8. Holistic approach. We believe that your financial future should be addressed by individuals with specialist knowledge.  Through our strong referral network of professional businesses, we can help you co-ordinate accounting, legal, lending and financial planning requirements or we are happy to work with your already established professional network.
  9. Family is important to us. We are a family business and we treat every client like they are a member of our own family.  If we would not be comfortable making a recommendation to our parents, brothers or sisters, then we wouldn’t recommend it to you either.  This is important to us as Financial Planning is about people first and foremost.  


What We Do and How We Do It.

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