Super Salary Sacrifice – What Is It?

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Super Salary sacrifice involves an agreement between an employee and an employer to forgo a portion of salary in exchange for payment as a super contribution.

The attraction of this strategy is ‘swapping’ a higher marginal tax rate for the concessional rate of 15% that is generally charged on pre-tax or concessional super contributions.


If you’re due for a pay rise or an end-of-year bonus, you may be able to salary sacrifice this into super. Also if you are still within your concessional contributions cap (see important note below) you may be able to increase your salary sacrifice contributions to take full advantage of this concession.


Important note: the ‘concessional contributions cap’ limits the amount of concessional contributions (including salary sacrifice and personal deductible) before tax consequences may apply. The concessional contributions cap for 2014/15 is $30,000 if you are under 50, or $35,000 if you are 50 or over as at 30 June 2015.


This is factual information only and does not constitute advice.

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