At Fairway Financial Advice, we know financial advice is all about you– your hopes, your dreams, your future.  We work with you to help design your future the way you want it.  Our first steps are getting to know you.  We do this in a Discovery Meeting – and you’ll find it may be different from what you are used to.  For starters, our initial conversations probably won’t be about your financials! 

We strongly believe Financial Planning isn’t about money … it’s about people. 

Of course, we know that money is important, and we do value it just as much as you!  However, experience tells us that just the money is not everyone’s motivation.  When you talk about your retirement it’s nearly always about your plans, where you want to live, travel to, your lifestyle – that’s your real motivation.

Each person we meet has a different lifestyle they are trying to protect and grow.  Each will dream of a different future & retirement and each will have a different path to follow on their journey. The personalised financial plan, the money, will be your process & your strategy to get you there.

While our expertise, experience, qualifications and reputation create the strong pillars of our advice, it is our relationship with you, based on partnership and trust, that underlines everything we do.  Understanding you allows us to “do the right thing” for you.





We believe there are 6 key elements to achieving well rounded Financial Success, represented by the six sides of The Financial CUBE.

We know that everyone will have their own definition of what Success means to them, however, all six elements will be present throughout your financial life – and, they’re all related.

At times you’ll have different financial priorities, which is natural, but, what we’ve found is that if we focus on one side of The CUBE only for you, without knowing the full picture, an opportunity can be missed, or worse, cause an unintended negative impact in another area.  Good decisions are made in context!

This is why we believe that everyone should have their own Financial Plan. Not an off the shelf, one-size-fits-all plan, but a true Financial Plan designed specifically for you and encompassing all six key elements.

We see the 6 key Building Blocks represented in The Financial CUBE as

Your Income and how well you use it.

What future you are designing or redesigning (Retirement).

How money works (Investment) and what works best for you.

Using Debt wisely to get you where you want, sooner.

Having appropriate Protection over the future you are designing, 

rather than leaving things to chance, ensures your continued success.

When you die, or if you become unable to act for yourself, it’s you Estate Plan that is important.  

More than just a Will, your Plan ensures what you’ve accumulated in life is handled fairly, accurately and just as you wanted.

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