Who is Fortnum?

Fortnum Private Wealth Ltd represents a number of like-minded advisers, united in a “client-first” approach, in which all Principal Practices have a financial stake.

The Fortnum name comes from a combination of two words – fortress and numbers. This represents our duty to you; our strength in numbers, and our commitment to protecting your financial security and future.

What makes Fortnum different?

We represent a new approach to financial advice; delivering the highest quality financial counsel based on integrity, innovation and a commitment to building your financial future.

This is reflected in a number of ways:

Our stringent selection process

At Fortnum, we hand select practices to join us and only invite those who share our client-first focus and high level of advice skills. In order to ensure your financial interests are at the heart of every decision, all our practices are fee based for investment advice and are committed to ongoing learning and development.

Our commitment to transparency

When it comes to paying for financial advice, it’s your money and you deserve to know exactly where it’s going. That’s why at Fortnum, it’s our policy to ensure complete transparency so our clients know exactly what they are paying for and who they are paying it to.

In fact in our own proprietary product, the Fortnum Advice Wrap , we have eliminated rebates, which we believe compromise the advice process. This means we return all rebates such as platform rebates and fund manager rebates to you, the client, or in circumstances where this is not technically possible, we give them to charity.

Of course there are still some legacy products in the financial services marketplace where rebates are paid but by and large we are working to eliminate these as much as possible. Our refusal to take rebates represents our commitment to providing you with the best advice based on your financial situation, without compromise.

Our ownership and advice structure Fortnum Financial Advisers is owned 60% by our Principal Practices and 20% by Fortnum staff. This means all Practices have “skin in the game” – a vested interest in protecting the Fortnum name, our values and your financial future. Fortnum Financial Group Limited has ownership of the remaining 20 per cent stake in the company.

We are Fortnum Financial Advisers – a joint venture in which Principal Practices have a stake. We believe our first responsibility is to act in the best interests of our clients.

Our core values

  • Integrity – we would rather lose money than trust
  • Quality – we focus on quality people doing outstanding work
  • Innovation – there is always a better way – we do our best to find it
  • Commitment – we are committed to the following behavior:
    • We will be courteous
    • We will be punctual
    • We will finish what we start
    • We will do what we say
    • We will find a way to get things done rather than an excuse

Our core values in action

  • Our Principal Practices and clients are our reason for being – without either we fail;
  • We are good corporate citizens – we recognise our responsibility to give back to our community;
  • Our principal product is advice – if we recommend a product it is because it is in our clients’ best interests;
  • Our research is protected from external influences to ensure that only the best client solutions are offered. It is core to our offering that we only use independently minded and highly competent research people;
  • We listen to our Principal Practices, clients and staff to learn and improve what we do.

How we do things

We have a supervising entity that is majority owned by our Principal Practices to ensure:-

  • They are free to recommend the solution they consider best suits the needs of their clients;
  • Our research and advice is not driven by the influence of associated entities;
  • Our supervising entity cannot be controlled by a financial institution either at shareholder or board level;
  • Our agreements with our Principal Practices provide them with a competitive edge in all areas including technology, research, access to market leading solutions and Professional Indemnity Insurance;
  • Our objective is to be open and transparent in all aspects of what we do.

Our commitment

  • We commit to this Charter;
  • Our Principal Practices can enforce this Charter through our supervising entity.
Phone: 07 3325 4775