We adopted the FAIRWAY branding in 2010, but our history in the financial planning industry began in January 1990.  Our Principal, Neil Macdonald, followed his parent’s footsteps into the Industry (they met at National Mutual in 1966).  “I guess you could say, Insurance was in my blood” Neil says reflecting on how he became the specialist Risk Insurance Adviser he is today.

Before Fairway joined with Fortnum Financial Advisers, the team worked under a number of different Licenses, always looking for better client outcomes and improved office efficiencies with each move.  “Like most things, ultimately it comes down to working with the right people – people you can trust, people who have vision and people who are willing to share ideas and help each other to succeed” says Glenn Dibley who’s path also lead him to try several dealer groups before finding the right home with Fairway and Fortnum.

Fairway Team

Originally specialising in Risk Insurance, Fairway has now grown into a full service financial planning practice.  “As a business we want to make it easy for our clients with all aspects of financial advice available in the one place.  With each Adviser having specialised skills, knowledge and experience, we are able to offer our clients the best of both worlds.”

For Neil and Glenn “the right thing to do” underlines all relationships with their clients, professional business relationships and the team as a whole.  They know that “the right thing to do” will be different for each individual client.  As for the Fairway name, Neil concedes “I do enjoy a game of golf, but the name is more a reflection of the ‘fair-way’ we treat all clients”. This has been, and will continue to be, the most important part of the business.

Meet Our Advisers

Neil Macdonald
Principal, Adviser
Glenn Dibley
Senior Adviser
Courtney Cooper

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Client Relationships
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Client Relationships

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Accounts Manager
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