You are currently viewing Get Real with Neil Episode 5 – Why digital marketing is so important for business?

Get Real with Neil Episode 5 – Why digital marketing is so important for business?

How does your brand, business, product or service make someone’s life happier, healthier, fitter, faster, more financially secure, tastier or just more fabulous? 

If you're not sure tune in for this episode with Monique Bradley & Pete Ward.

Monique Bradley is passionate about helping businesses, business owners, entrepreneurs, and influencers grow their digital presence and online impact.

She is a multi award winning actor, singer and entertainer and utilises her extensive training in the art of storytelling, public speaking, Conscious Communications and many years of extensive work across multiple digital platforms to help her clients grow an authentic online presence and share their value with millions of people worldwide! Helping clients 'find their voice' for both written and spoken content.

Pete Ward is a Digital Culturalist. He helps brands and entrepreneurs set their digital strategy to achieve growth through transformation, education and solid foundations while providing clarity and direction for future success in a digital landscape.

Pete & Monique have been working with Fairway Financial for the last 2 years, helping the firm come to life with their marketing and online presence.

In this episode you will...
1. Understand how important the question 'why' is when it comes to your marketing
2. Gain a deeper understanding of why building a brand is all about relationships
3. Learn the fishing & boating marketing analogy
4. Understand common mistakes, they see businesses make and how to avoid these

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