You are currently viewing G & T (Glenn & Tea) Series Ep 1 – Stroke Of Insight With Dr Lavinia Codd

G & T (Glenn & Tea) Series Ep 1 – Stroke Of Insight With Dr Lavinia Codd

G&T (Glenn & Tea) Series 

We launched our first G&T event hosted by Glenn Dibley. Our theme for the event was 'Stroke of Insight' with our key note speaker Dr Lavinia Codd from the Queensland Brain Institute.

Glenn loves having conversations with people, who have discovered wisdom through life experiences. Learning and growing from each others big life changing decisions can give you insights and inspiration.

In this interview Dr Lavinia Codd, shares her experience of a stroke at age 31. She talks about what it was like to survive a stroke, and how she went on to become a stroke researcher in the neuroscience of generating new brain cells - as well as raising awareness about stroke.

Listen as she shares:

  • How she rebuilt herself (and identity) after the stroke
  • Her insight to taking responsibility for her own happiness, throughout her recovery journey
  • How she moved outside her comfort zone to move forward

    She is a total inspiration, with lots of wisdom.

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