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How much does personal insurance cost?

What Price Should You Pay For Personal Insurance?

Under insure, and you could leave your family exposed and at risk of financial pressures and negative lifestyle impacts. Over-insure and you could be paying too much. 

What we’re talking about here, is actually Life or Death. Life Insurance is often a major part of your Estate, which is the final financial accumulation of your life’s work.

And, if you get this wrong, it can have massive unwanted consequences for your loved ones left behind.  

Compare, needs and strategy are all key to your design for your personal insurance.

A great quote to keep in mind as you consider your Life Insurance needs is:

"Paying the premium isn’t the problem, paying the premium is the solution." (Ben Feldman)

Watch the video to find out more.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ answer to “How Much is Enough?”  It really does depend on your circumstances.  Factors like marital status, family responsibilities, financial commitments, future plans, current assets, etc all play an important part.

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