“Neil,  Thank you very much for taking up my case. Others I approached all placed the task in the too hard basket.  I will review my insurance requirements in the new year and will certainly be discussing any changes with you.
Once again, I am very pleased with the result and thank you for your assistance.”

 G Lees, Brisbane


“When I took out my income protection insurance I did not think I would ever use it. I was merely jumping through hoops for the bank and trying to do the responsible thing as the primary income earner for my family. I did not consider all the various features overly important or interesting and I’ll admit that I don’t hold insurance companies in high regard! 

Recently when I injured myself at home MY FIRST THOUGHT before I even received any medical attention was… this is going to result in some serious time off work! Having recently built a new home I could certainly do without that. 

When I contacted Fairway Financial and told them about my injury, I received prompt advice that I was covered. They helped me prepare & lodge my claim with VERY MINIMAL FUSS. They liaised with my insurer for me so that I could concentrate on getting better and getting back to work. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my cover included a lump sum payment for my type of injury which was a great feature I did not even realise I had! The insurer paid promptly and I even received a refund of insurance premiums while I was injured and partial payment when I re-commenced work part-time! 

I would certainly recommend Fairway Financial when taking out insurance to help you choose the right cover for you and I could not be happier with the service provided when I made my claim.”

MM (medical professional)


“The team at Fairway have been looking after my insurance needs for a number of years now and I have come to highly value their service. I can’t recommend them highly enough. The quality of their advice and their service is outstanding and they have proved to be particularly diligent in sourcing the best cover for me – not only in terms of the policy coverage itself but also negotiating competitive premiums on my behalf. My insurance needs have some specific requirements which makes Fairway’s job a touch more challenging, but Neil and Chris in particular have proven to be experts in their field and true professionals. God forbid I should ever need to make a claim, I know they will be able to manage the process with their usual proficiency, and that gives me great confidence. Thanks so much – you guys rock!”

R. Hunter, Paddington


“Thank you for your assistance in managing my recent Income Protection claim, required after my skiing accident. It is amazing to reflect how in one moment you can go from feeling perfectly alright, getting knocked over, and instantly realising “now I’m not alright”. It happens in a split second and you’ve either got the right plans in place, or you don’t.

After having an accident (and I imagine it’s the same for sickness) there are many different emotions and new circumstances to deal with. In my profession I’m used to being on the side of  giving advice and providing medical solutions, not having to receive this from others. Similarly, making an Insurance claim was something I had never done before, and quite frankly never expected to, though I knew I needed to have this cover, just in case.

Initially it was reassuring to learn that the policy you recommended to me did cover me worldwide. It was then a concern to us to wonder where we were going to get the money from to get by during the 90 day Waiting period, but then you explained that the policy you’d recommended would pay a replacement income during this Waiting period, and in fact, I wouldn’t be penalised if I did return to work earlier than expected (which I subsequently did).

Both my wife and I appreciated you handling everything for us. You organised the Claim Forms, met with us at our home, worked out exactly what financial information we needed to provide, and then rode the Insurer to make sure we got paid on time when it looked like they were going to delay. I am so pleased that I did not have to deal with the Insurance Company and that I could deal with you, someone who knows me and knows my family, and whom I trust.

Thank you for your initial recommendations, staying in touch with ongoing reviews and your much appreciated assistance with this claim. l highly recommend you and your service to any other Medical Professionals interested in having someone expertly manage their Personal Insurance plans.”

RK (medical professional)